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Penis Health and Impotence - The Environmental Causes

What Environmental Factors Can and DO Affect The Health Of The Penis?Impotence

Impotence is one of the biggest challenges faced by men and this holds true for men from all ages, races and sizes. It dents our self-esteem and psychological well being, which makes it a significant part of the usual good feeling of the human male.

Most men are destined to face a test of their fitness as men at least once in their lives and it is very tough for the majority of individuals suffering from erectile dysfunctions to recognize their challenges and seek help. Research attests to the fact that an estimated 160 million men world-wide suffer from impotence and that less than 10 per-cent of them seek medication.

The three key creators of impotence are physical, psychological and lifestyle. Whereas the physical and psychological factors are liable for most cases of impotence, few individuals know that this dysfunction can be caused or worsened by specified lifestyle choices. There are cases when making a selection of positive changes in lifestyles aided men to overcome impotence.

The biggest lifestyle-related causation of impotence are smoking, undue consumption of alcohol, drug abuse usually (cocaine, heroine, marijuana and steroids), severe obesity (Natural Weight Loss Products) and  idle  lifestyle (Laziness). This is why a reduction in the drinking of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs may well go a long way toward boosting your sexual performances. Moreover, habitual exercising and diets are an added great way of enhancing the sex life of overweight men and also improving confidence by stimulating the creation of testosterone.

One product that can help men attain harder erections and churn out bigger loads of sperm are these outstanding Penis Enlargement and Penis Enhancement Pills. Accessible only from an online store, these penis enlargement and enhancement pills are a sure way of boosting your sex life using a exceptional combination of natural ingredients. The upsurge in blood tide to the penis means rock-hard erections every time, while the up to 500 per cent increase in sperm production is a pledge for longer orgasms.

The Reason Why Penis Enlargement Surgery is very Dangerous

Penis enlargement is the resolve of many males who are not happy with the size of their penises. This has contributed to the development of a sequence of techniques based on exercises, penis pumps, pills, surgery and recently, patches. Surgery is thus far the most unsafe of all penis enlargement procedures since any error can have awful and, mostly, irreparable cost.

One of the most familiar surgical penis enlargement procedures is the injection of fat cells underneath the surface of the shaft's skin in order to swell the volume of the penis. The cells are taken from elsewhere in the body. Nonetheless, since the penis has minor or no fat, the added volume gives it an unnatural form and feel, more so the injected fat can loosen under the skin.

Noticeably, more extreme version of this method is the injection of silicone into the penis and scrotum. This practice is recognized to provide huge gains in volume (more than 900 per-cent in some instances, but the results are irreparable. Amongt the identified side effects are the loss of sensation in the penis, the failure to carry out penetrative intercourse, twist of the shaft and scarring. Collagen, mineral oil and other elements can be used as a substitute of silicone, but the perils of extreme scarring and undying deformation is still glaring.

Another procedure is the cutting of the base of the penile ligament, which can effect in an apparent lengthening of the penis, at times by up to 2 inches. The horrible downside is that firm erection cannot be attained anymore. Also, the ends vary from one person to another, with some detailing no improvement.

Men from South Asia have been taking for some time to a distinctive technique. This one is based on embedding of small objects beneath the shaft's skin, mostly steel balls, semi-precious stones, rings and studs. However, this procedure does not seem very fashionable with women, who have found the objects to be annoying and often times live them with scars.

Thus, it is very prudent to use a combination of either the Natural Penis Enlargement Pills or the Natural Penis Enlargement Patches and the Penis Extenders for effective and safe penis enlargement results!

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