Monday, 18 January 2010

Obesity, Weight Loss and the Effects On Sperm Quality

Does Weight or Body Mass Have Effect On Sperm Quality?

With the rapid increase in obesity all through the developed world and a chain of cautions about this growing dilemma from the rest of the globe, many queries have been raised on how would obesity or overweight affect millions of lives. One such argument is the heading of this write-up.

No research have been undertaken yet to decide whether obesity has a exact impression on the quality of sperm, but science has already acknowledged several indirect links between obesity and a reduction in the quality of sex and sperm.

What we realise for a fact is that overweight and obese folks are inclined to slash down on effort every time they can. This has big effect on sex since daily effort is central to the discharge of testosterone by the body. Testosterone does not adjust the quality of sperm, but it does alter the sex drive and the growth of spermatogenic tissue in the testicles. It is this tissue that implements the very formation of sperm. A reduction in the standard level of testosterone, which is bound to crop up to all "couch potato" individuals who tend to get around effort, leading to a slump in libido.

The person is no longer as interested in sex as formerly, nor does he get as much delight from it as he used to. Fused with the continual exposure to elements that mime the effects of the estrogen hormone, the low level of testosterone may direct to shrinking penis and testicles.

Moreover, individuals who are overweight or obese may have unbalanced diets that are likely to leave out foods rich in zinc. Zinc is one of the most significant minerals that enters the human body via food. It is found in oysters, beans, nuts and seeds. A deficiency of zinc, ensuing from the too little intake or assimilation of zinc, is manifest by hair loss, skin lesions and wasting of body tissues. Zinc is very valuable for the creation of sperm and for improvement the quality and motility of sperm. Without enough zinc, the quality and condition of sperm will suffer.

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