Thursday, 21 March 2013

Does Natural Breast Augmentation Products Actually Work?

Females are prepared to go through painful breast operations to enhance the size of their breast. Surgeries may be expensive, leave scars and may also come with dangerous side-effects. Hence when you can enlarge your breast with the aid of natural breast enhancement products, devoid of all these troubles, why should you opt for breast surgery?

Before we talk about natural breast enlargement and other alternative besides surgery, you should understand that it takes a bit of time to realize the full effects of natural breast enhancement products. It is not possible to wake up one day, plan your augmentation procedures and then bam, you immediately achieve results. Persistence and consistence are needed. Now, here some of the breast enhancement remedies available:

Herbal Breast Enhancement Remedies

Activating estrogen in the body helps augment breasts. There are a number of herbs that have been used by ladies for breast enlargement. The first among them is fenugreek.  Fenugreek not only does it activate estrogen, but also stimulates prolactin,  a hormone needed for enhancing breast tissues. Create a paste and rub it on your breat and leave it for sometime. Consuming fenugreek extract early in the morning when your stomach is empty does aid in breast enhancement as well. With this in mind, a number of companies who produce breast enhancement pills incorporate this fenugreek ingredient to help improve breast size.

Wild yam, saw palmetto, dandelion root, fennel seeds, watercrass leaves, sesame seeds, Pueraria mirfica and grape seeds are also herb extracts that a number of these breast enlargement pills manufacturers employ as ingredients to aid natural breast augmentation. Applying sesame oil on the breast is also great in aiding improve breast size. Watercrass contains Vitamin E, fennel seeds and pueraria mirfica also contain flavanoids, and saw palmetto, which excites secretion of hormones to boost the generation of breast cells.

All of the above herbal treatments have been utilized for many centuries by women and have been demonstrated to be effective. Most of these herbal ingredients are incoporated in the best boob enhancement pills and creams.


Yoga started in India. It had been practised and taught by the sages. Yoga is beneficial in managing several disorders. It is useful for pressure relief and weight management. Yogasanas are beneficial in breast enhancement as well. Yoga is among probably the most effective breast enlargement alternatives around. Yogasanas would not only help augment your breast, but would also keep you lively, healthier and fit. There are a number of yoga poses that can be beneficial in the breast enhancement process. These poses should be learnt by you from an authorized yoga therapist. Wrong workouts could trigger adverse effects.

These yoga poses include bhujangasana, stabdhasana, dwikonasana,  vrikshasana, ushtasana and arthamatyendrasana.


Apart from yogic poses, you will find exercises like pectoral exercise that help in enlarging the breast size naturally. Simple exercises like push-ups, stretching your hands and pushing your hands together and workouts with dumbbells help in breast improvement.

Alternative Natural Remedies

Health-related therapies including hypnotherapy and homeopathy are good in augmenting breasts. Homeopath provides supplements which are produced from crop extracts, animals and minerals. Homeopathy works well, however, it may take not less than half a year to achieve the required effects.
Researches have established breasts can be augmented via hypnosis.
The Breast Actives Product is one of the best options for females who wish to enhance their breasts less costly and without any discomfort.

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